2013 Champions League Final – Bayer vs. Borussia – Astro Preview

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2013 Champions League Final – Bayer vs. Borussia – Astro Preview

Who will win the 2013 Champions League Cup Final? Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund? What can horary astrology say about this match? Who is the most likely winner according to the stars?

Note: This analysis follows John Frawley’s method as explained in his book Sports Astrology. Predicting sports events is not really the best use for Astrology compared to its enormous potential as a self-awareness tool, in my opinion. Nonetheless, it is very interesting to understand how it works in such cases. Please notice that Astrology rarely fails…but astrologers do. This is a research article following a series of posts dedicated to the 2013 European Football Finals.

The Match – 25th May 19:45 PM –  London – UK


 Bayer Munich is the favourite team according to the bookies. So the safe bet would be for Bayern Munich to win the final. But does the chart confirm this probable outcome?

In these event charts the favourites are normally represented by the Ascendant (1st House) and its ruler and by the 10 th House and its ruler. The underdogs are represented by the 7th House and its ruler and by the 4th house and its ruler.

Three other facts support that this is a valid assessment: Mars antiscion is at the highest position (confirms higher expectations for the 1st house ruler); and is located in Taurus (a fixed sign and so associated to a one-coloured team). Venus is located in Gemini, a double bodied sign, more associated to a two-coloured team – Borussia Dortmund- wearing stripes.

So, Bayern is represented by Mars in Taurus and Mercury in Gemini; Borussia is represented by Venus in Gemini and Jupiter in Gemini.

The testimonies for the favourites Bayern Munich are:

–         None (that I notice)

The testimonies for Borussia Dortmund are

–         Mars located in the 7th house, circa 3 ½ degrees after the cusp – a good argument favouring Borussia (even better if it were closer to the cusp)

–         Mars conjuncts Algol the most malefic star in traditional Astrology

–         The Moon applies to Venus, ruler of Borussia, after 6º40’


So, if John Frawley’s method works (expert in the field of Sports Astrology), Borussia Dortmund will be the most likely team to win the 2013 Champions League Final, against the general expectations.

Since the Moon only aspects Venus after 6º degrees this suggest the victory comes in extra time or in penalty kicks. So the draw seems the most probable result in regular time, most likely goalless (0 – 0).

The position of Algol suggests some aggressiveness from Bayern Munchen’s players and at least one red card or an injury for an important player.

The Moon squaring the axis MC-IC could suggest more than 2 goals in the final result, but I’m not so sure about this since the Moon must travel more than 6 degrees to find Venus – the goals may come from penalty kicks in the end.

Other doubt: Algol’s position. Is it enough to garantee Borussia’s victory in regular time, with 1 -0? I don’t think so, but anyway, it is hard to tell. My bet remains a draw in regular time.

Third doubt: the Moon reaches Mercury within 7 degrees (ruler of 10 th house). So if Bayern would win, the only chance would be the penalty kicks in the end.

Being the precise result a guess, the chart looks much more consistent with Borussia Dortmund’s triumph.

Finally, I must once more remind you that Astrology is a very noble art … but that the artist may fail in the correct interpretation of some specific techniques, as we have seen in the interpretation of 2013 FA Cup Final chart. I hope you feel more interest in reading about other approaches of Astrology beyond this simple example.

We will be back with comments to this post, after the match is over.

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Regards! João Medeiros, 20th of May 2013


The match ended with Bayern 2 – Borussia 1

So the astro preview was wrong unless you have seen the game and remembered:

The position of Algol suggests some aggressiveness from Bayern Munchen’s players and at least one red card or an injury for an important player.” – Two red cards were forgiven to Bayern – one agression of Ribery (direct sent off according to the rules) and the second yellow to Dante, in the dangerous move that gave Borussia’s penalty kick and goal.

So I must wonder, was the result really fair? There was an influence of the referee in the result. If Dante was sent off (or Ribery), as the rules demanded, the draw in regular time would be the most likely result (Robben scored in the 88th minute). Playing with one more player, Borussia had much more chance of winning then.

“Dante, already booked, should have been sent off for the carelessly high, studs-up challenge that hacked down the excellent Marco Reus for Dortmund’s penalty. It should have been a mandatory second yellow card from the Italian referee, Nicola Rizzoli, and that oversight had considerable consequences bearing in mind the way an equaliser against 10 men would have swung the game in Dortmund’s favour” . Daniel Taylor in The Guardian

With all due respect to Bayern’s fans, to be completely honest I can not say the analysis was so wrong in this particular case. If the rules of the game were respected, the analysis would make perfect sense. But this rises another question:  can the astrological chart show any influence of the referee in the final outcome? I don’t know the answer.

What I know is that there are so many economic interests at stake in football, that many matches are manipulated. Corruption has been proven in many national and international championships. Maybe Algol, the most malefic star, suggests possibility of some manipulation in a match or some unfair decisions.

So, I can not say that John Frawley’s method was wrong. But if it is in fact  incorrect, probably other factors should be also included such as: the Moon aspecting the MC-IC angle; the Moon aspecting the Nodes’ Antiscia. This a matter for further research.

We will only be back with other astro-previews after testing with success more than 10 football matches (finals) in a row… if this is possible. My opinion now is that there is too much corruption in football in order to achieve excellence in analysing football matches astrologically or to make it a noble task.

Only more practice and research could tell if the factor  “manipulation” could also be accounted for in a football chart or if this was just a case of lack of practice and experience with sports charts. If this is so, I apologize in advance. 🙂

Anyway, it is always very difficult to be in the referee’s position in these matches. The favourites are generally more benefited in the matches.

But since Bayern have been praticing excellent football this season,  I think in general, the result is Ok. Congratulations!

Thank You!

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  1. Jibreil  April 28, 2014

    I’ve been an avid follower of Frawleys method since over 3-4 years now. I’ve also personally consulted him at many aspects.

    Agola <– though he doesn't mention of this star playing any importance in Chapter 2 of his book, but its interesting to see you've discovered that its responsible for Aggression/Red Cards/Penalties.

    Regarding Moon's aspects, we are inclined not to go beyond 5 degrees in a game of 'modern' football. Hence the aspect to Venus isn't accounted for. As Frawley has mentioned that if there are NO testimonies for either side, the Favs/ASC wins by default, hence the pattern of 2-1. You can mark this similar pattern in other football matches where you won't find any testimonies against either sides.

    The point about corruption and fixing in Football, which I strongly agree, but Astrology is a divine tool that shows you the end result (regardless if the match is fixed or not) it's upon the discretion of the Astrologer to read the chart correctly. Unless that day your stars aren't supporting you and your missing vital information that the chart is giving you.

    • joaomed  April 28, 2014

      Hello Jibreil! Thank you so much for your comment which I strongly agree! Regards JM


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