2013 Europe League Final – Benfica vs Chelsea – Astro preview

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2013 Europe League Final – Benfica vs Chelsea – Astro preview

Who will win the 2013 Europe League Final? Benfica or Chelsea? What can horary astrology say about the odds for each team? Who will be the winner, the Lisbon team or the London team?

Note: This analysis follows John Frawley’s method as explained in his book Sports Astrology. Predicting sports events is not really the best use for Astrology compared to its enormous potential as a self-awareness tool, in my opinion. Nevertheless, it is very interesting to understand how it works in such cases. Please beware that Astrology seldom fails…but astrologers do. This is a research article.

The European Football Finals

The Europe League Final and the Champions League Final normally take place in May around sunset. This means that the same astrological signs will tend to rise and set at each year’s final. And that the Sun, Mercury and Venus are located in a limited range of signs, usually Taurus, Gemini or Cancer.

The Rising Sign – associated with the favourite team – is either Scorpio, Sagittarius or Capricorn, signs ruled by Mars, Jupiter and Saturn respectively. These planets are considered to be more “powerful” than the others – Venus, Mercury and the Moon – in terms of competition and material power.

So it is somewhat logical to associate the Ascendant with the favourite team and the Descendant with the underdogs in such matches – and also because the “Star” or the main character, the Hero, is related to the 1st House, in Astrology. As much as the chart is representative of both teams we can judge it as a match predictor.

The Match – 15th May 8:45 PM –  Amsterdam – Netherlands


This is a very tricky chart, in my opinion – following strictly the guidelines explained by John Frawley.

There are 2 major reasons for this chart being an “unclear” match predictor:

1- Mars, ruler of the 1st House and, consequently, of the favourite team is located just 13’ after de 7th House cusp, house of the enemy. If it were 1º after the cusp, the Mars team would be dominated by the Venus team – and considered as located inside the 7th House; If it were 15´ before the cusp we would consider Mars team dominating the Venus team. This is a border line case, what do we choose then? Is it technically positioned on the cusp or just inside the house?

If the referee starts the match at 8:47 PM (only two minutes after the official time) Mars would be already on the cusp – and the Favourites would certainly win the game (by a two goals or more difference result).

2- The moon’s last aspect before changing sign seems to be a sextile with Mercury (ruler of the 10th house); however Mercury changes sign before this happens and the aspect is only completed after the Moon has entered Leo – so the Moon is actually void of course

In general, could we say that what is apparent (the expected outcome) will not occur because the chart is tricky and not really so straight forward as it seems at a first glance?


Bearing this in mind, let’s see the testimonies for the favourite team – represented by the Scorpio Ascendant and its ruler, Mars in Taurus:

– Venus ruler of the underdogs is applying to an opposition with the Antiscion of Fortune (this is a strong suggestion against the underdogs)

– The North Node conjuncts the Ascendant (this is a minor testimony, though)

– As we said, Mars position (the doubtful case) can be a strong testimony for the favourite team. However, mathematically, it is already inside the house (after the cusp) and so we might forget this factor as a great advantage for the favourites.

– Another testimony would be the Moon applying to Mercury, co-ruler of the favourite team (ruler of  the 10th house). However, as we pointed out, Mercury changes sign in that same day before the aspect of sextile perfects. This suggests good opportunities, very close to the goal, but missing it: for example, balls hitting the bar or a penalty miss for the favourites.

– Finally, the Moon separates from a conjunction with the Antiscion of Venus – this is also a moderate testimony for the underdogs’ defeat (in my opinion and practice).

For the underdogs – represented by the Descendant sign Taurus and its ruler , Venus – we have the following testimonies:

– Mars is very close to the south node , only two degrees. But separating from it. (minor testimony, nearly irrelevant)

– If we consider that Mars is just inside the 7th House, this would be a very strong testimony for the underdogs. Because Mars is direct, it is moving even more into the 7h house – this could mean a big difference in ball possession and opportunities along the game. The beginning would be good for the favourites; the end, better for the underdogs.

– Venus is applying to a square with the MC – in my practice (not in John Frawley’s perspective) this is a relevant aspect that favours Venus and, henceforth, the underdogs.

Overall, we could say that any result is possible, because we have a draw – favouring slightly the underdogs, in my point of view.

But an important question remains: what do we mean by “favourite”? And by “underdogs” team?


The Favourite is the natural expected winner for the general public. This is usually reflected in the bets market.

In normal circumstances Benfica would be the favourites: they have a stronger history in European tournaments and they are the Reds, a Mars colour, whilst Chelsea are the Blues, a Venus colour.

Benfica’s symbol is the Eagle, traditionally associated with the Scorpio sign (a powerful, predator and spiritual bird – the phoenix); Chelsea’s symbol is the Lion, clearly associated with the Leo sign.

However, Chelsea has a slight advantage in the bets market, 3 days before the match, That means they are the favourites. Besides, Benfica comes from a tragic defeat with FC Porto and are morally crushed.

Other arguments in the chart validate this possibility: Mars is in Taurus (with the Antiscion in Leo) – a Four-footed sign more appropriate for the Chelsea Lions. Venus is in Gemini, an Air sign more suited for the Benfica Eagles.


So the final astro-verdict unfortunately is not clear.

I would say that both teams will score in regular time (big testimonies for both teams), with more misses for Chelsea (due to the apparent sextile of the Moon to Mercury). Benfica with a small advantage in general because the house position of Mars – the main factor sustaining a possible triumph for Benfica – is more important than aspects with the Antiscion of Fortune – the main factor for Chelsea’s win.

If the match starts precisely on time a 2-1 result for Benfica would not surprise me, or a one goal difference for this team.

But if the match starts only a couple of minutes after the scheduled time, Chelsea would win undoubtedly.

Anyway, the Mars decisive position is not reliable, so I would not bet in any result based on this chart. As a Portuguese, I hope Benfica wins.

If you wish to understand more how these rules work, I really recommend you the book Sports Astrology of the British astrologer John Frawley, a world expert in this field.

Finally, I must once more remind you that Astrology is a very noble art … but that the artist may fail in the correct interpretation of some specific techniques, as we have seen in the interpretation of 2013 FA Cup Final chart. I hope you feel more interest in reading about other approaches of Astrology beyond this simple example.

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We will return to this post with a Benfica – Chelsea astro-comment after the game ends.

 Regards, João Medeiros 12th of May 2013


Chelsea wins 2-1 in injury time (92 minutes). Benfica had more ball possession and made an excellent game, dominating Chelsea most of the time.

What went well in the astro preview:

– unpredictable match, until the last minute no one could tell who would be the winner – so the chart reflects also this tension and balanced arguments for both teams until the end;

– Chelsea with better chances – Lampard hit the bar once and almost scored in the first half

-“both teams will score in regular time with more misses for Chelsea”

-“Overall, we could say that any result is possible, because we have a draw” – 1-1 until 90th minute, with chances for both teams.

Other comments:

– The match started 30 seconds past 20h45 – and so the Mars factor became neutral, since both teams would benefit from its position (Benfica dominated and had more ball possession most of the time; but Chelsea won) – and so, the main factor for Chelsea’s triumph became more relevant in the accounting: Venus opposing Fortuna’s antiscion (and the Moon facing Mercury and Mars Antiscia in front leaving Venus Antiscion behind).

Very tricky chart but reflecting the match!

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