2014 – Europe League Final – Benfica vs Sevilla

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2014 – Europe League Final – Benfica vs Sevilla

Who will win the 2014 Europe League Cup Final? Benfica or Sevilha? What can horary astrology say about this match? Who is the most likely winner according to the stars?

Note: This analysis follows John Frawley’s method as explained in his book Sports Astrology. Predicting sports events is not really the best use for Astrology compared to its enormous potential as a self-awareness tool, in my opinion. Nonetheless, it is very interesting to understand how it works in such cases. Please notice that Astrology rarely fails…but astrologers do. This is a research article following a series of posts dedicated to the European Football Finals.


Benfica are favourites according to the bookies (eliminated Juventus in the previous round).

So Benfica’s team is represented by the 1st house (Scorpio) and its ruler (Mars); and by the 10th house (Virgo) and its ruler (Mercury).

Sevilla’s team is represented by the 7th house (Taurus) and its ruler (Venus); and by the 4th house (Piscis) and its ruler (Jupiter).

Arguments for Benfica:

– Moon conjuncts the Ascendant (very strong argument)

Arguments for Sevillha:

– Part of Fortune conjuncts the Descendant (minor testimony according to Frawley)


According to this method, the most likely winner of the 2014 Europe League Footbal Final will be Benfica.

Most probable result: unknown.

But my guess is that there will be more goals in the first half (Moon is in the Ascendant and opposes the Sun in less than one degree). Maybe 2-0, 1-0 or 2-1 final result.

Finally, I must once more remind you that Astrology is a very noble art … but that the artist may fail in the correct interpretation of some specific techniques. I hope you feel more interest in reading about other approaches of Astrology beyond this simple example.

We will be back with comments to this post, after the match is over.

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Regards! João Medeiros, 13th of May 2014


Result : 0-0 after extra-time : Sevilla won on penalty kicks

So the astro-preview was not correct. Where was the mistake? Part of Fortune and seconds.

We overlooked the fact that if the match started at 20:45:10 (only 10 seconds after the scheduled time) Part of Fortune would be located after 23º37 Taurus – and the Moon would apply to oppose the Part of Fortune (also the Part of Fortune was combust, minor testimony).

Also in this case, the last separating aspect of the Moon would be a trine to Mars’ Antiscion, ruler of Benfica – this would reinforce the testimonies for a defeat.

Big Lesson: Seconds and the precise time of the match do matter in this kind of astrology. That is why it is called Horary Astrology. In this case, 10 seconds were sufficient to make the conclusion and the preview completely opposite.

Why ExtraTime: probably because the Moon was in the 20 degrees of a fixed sign, not making any aspect to important planets (ruler of 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th) within 7 degrees of orb. (other examples of extra time: Copa Del Rey – 2013 – Real Madrid vs Atletico)

Nice try! we will continue the research, congratulating Sevilla’s fans and conforting the Benfica supporters. Sorry for the expectations.

We remind you not to bet any big money considering these notes: we are only doing some research, testing techniques and having fun! Thank You!


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