The Soul, Amy and Age 27

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The Soul, Amy and Age 27

What do Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison have in common?

They all were music idols with an intense life, with their talent recognised worldwide. And they all died at the young age of 27.

 What can astrology add to these coincidences? Can common characteristics be present at birth?

And the answer is yes. Indeed, these five people shared some traits, such as the importance of the Moon and Jupiter – signifying the soul’s longing, fantasy and escapism.

Of these famous five, three were born with the Moon in Cancer, which reveals a sense of wonder out of the ordinary, strong intuition and a great lack in affection, a kind of an eternal yearning to return to the Source – the primordial womb.

People with such a strong Cancer energy usually feel “out of the water” in this real world and thus they end up creating their own lyrical universe, in search of some sort of deep seated fulfilment.

And so, they indulge frantically in music, the most sublime of all languages to connect with the spiritual world, capable to bring us back to the feeling of completeness in our Divine origin.

In all five the strength of Jupiter (due to numerous Exaltations in Cancer, or to the presence of many planets in Pisces or Sagittarius) accentuates a limitless slope, with surges of euphoria, bliss and madness – which sometimes manifest as moments of creative genius.

 However, associated to this behaviour of vast inner journeying and of connection to the divine (angles to Neptune) there is an escapist and self-destructive compulsion, through beverages and drugs.

Underneath all these instincts however, there lays the difficulty to accept the real world just as it is. Still, each in their own way, in sublime moments, managed to mirror the sense of true transcendence that the human being can achieve.

And why at age 27 their final departure? Because this age corresponds to the end of a 7-year cycle, being therefore a year for the completion of personal chapters, being also the culmination of Personality’s Youth phase – the biological height/peak of humans.

Astrologically, 27 years are associated with the return of the Moon to its original place of birth – which again implies a return to the real or symbolic Primordial Womb – the Cosmos.

Wherever they may be, let us give thanks for the Magic they have brought us!


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