The Astrology of Cristiano Ronaldo

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The Astrology of Cristiano Ronaldo

According to astrology what is special about Cristiano Ronaldo?

Almost certainly you have heard of Mars, the God of War.

This is, and undoubtedly so, the star that rules the personality and life of a footballer, a contemporary true warrior.

In his astrological chart, this planet has an unusual power, and this for several reasons:

1. Aries Ascendant: a path of independence, bravery and impulsiveness.

2. Several planets in the region of Mars: Saturn in Scorpio, Venus in Aries, Jupiter and

Neptune in Capricorn, besides the Mid-Heaven itself.

3. Mars in Aries, ruler of the Ascendant, in its own kingdom, conjunct to the Ascendant and

squaring the Mid-Heaven.

4. Mars well connected to Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, a rare combination that conveys

eroticism, luck and ambition.

5. Mars as the final dispositor planet, ie the ultimate power to which all other stars obey.

Thus, the explosive and unstoppable Aries’ Fire is the main energy/fuel that dominates this gladiator’s path.

People from “Mars” like challenges, are independent and very competitive, living every moment intensely, loving being the unequalled.

As long as they have planet Venus’ support they can become leaders, examples of both determination and courage.

We all have Mars associated with a particular area of life and, therefore, we all have an internal champion.

In Ronaldo’s case, with Mars in Aries, his strength is physical, competitive, muscular.

In the case of someone with Mars in Gemini, their strength will tend to be more communicative, adaptable, of the mind/intellect.

With Mars in Capricorn, physical power will be of a more corporate, institutional and material quality.

And what about you? Do you know in which areas you can be a champion?


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