Book – Cycles of Portugal




This book is the result of an astrological research on Portuguese contemporary history. It is multidisciplinary, profound and ground-breaking work.

For the first time, a book presents the integrated sense of Portugal’s noble mission (from 1228 to 2166), based on facts, cycles and mathematical evidence and sustainably associating the Nation’s redeemable myths, towards world’s evolution.

Also included are a generational and statistical portrait of the Portuguese population, a detailed study of the map of April 25th and its ancestry, the Zodiac of Portugal’s History, as well as an interpretation of the 21st century world cycles. It was published by Editora Pergaminho in 2004.


  • Index

    Parte I – The Reasoning of Astrology

    1- Holistic Thinking

    2- Unity

    3- Time

    4- Space

    5- Sciences

    6- Consciousness

    7- Archetypes

    Parte II – Astrology of the Nation 

    1  – The Cycle  (Aries)

    2  – Cycles of the Major Planets (Taurus)

    3  – Great Cycles Intertwined  (Gemini) 

    4  – Cyclical History of Portugal (Cancer)

    5  – The Empires of the West (Leo)      

    6  – Demography and the Recent Generations (Virgo)     

    7  – The Natal Chart of a Country  (Libra)  

    8  – Before the Portuguese Democracy  (Scorpio)  

    9   – The 25th’s of April Revolution  (Sagitarius)      

    10 – The First Decade of the New Millenium  (Capricorn)

    11 – The Future of Humankind (Aquarius) 

    12  – The Purpose of Portugal (Pisces)





  • The Innovative Vision

    1- First logical, global and truly integrated presentation of the Portuguese History and its spiritual meaning, following the holistic principle and the astrological language.

    2- First reference to the evidence that Portuguese History is amazingly connected to an ancient Astrology cycle (the maximum cycle of Saturn, of 256 years) known since the Egyptian times.

    3- First explanation of the 4 big cycles of the Portuguese History (Conquest, Discoveries, Restoration and Republic), each 256 years long, perfectly divided into 4 phases of 64 years (Childhood, Youth, Adulthood and Old Age).

    4- First holistic explanation of the Sebastian Myth sense and of the role of Fernando Pessoa as a herald of universal knowledge expected to reach maturity in the years 2020-2040 (in the middle of the Aquarium phase of the Portuguese History), via Portuguese individualities throughout the world.

    5- Integration of the concepts outlined above with a technical and detailed interpretation of the April 25th astrological map, representative of the social, political and economic dynamic of the Youth phase (1974-2038) of the fourth cycle of the Portuguese History (1910-2166) – corresponding to the peak of the wisdom acquired throughout the nation’s several cycles.

  • The Zodiac of Portugal


Pages: 170 | 1st Edition: 2004 | Language: Portuguese

Price: 8 € (EUR)  / £ 7 (GBP) / 10 $ (USD) (+ transports)



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