Casa 11 – Community and Celebration

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Casa 11 – Community and Celebration

Do you know what your commitment before the society is?

If our life was a palace, let us remember that: the gate would be House 1 (and Ascendant), the safe would be House 2; the car would be House 3; the land would be House 4; the playground garden would be House 5; the study would be House 6; the guestroom would be House 7; House 8 would be the couple’s bedroom; House 9 would be the library; House 10 would be the roof.

House 11 matches the more social, grouping and commemorative side of our Palace of Light: it is the Dining Room.

It represents all the integrating and social conviviality experiences that make us feel part of a community, as its stability and evolution pillars.

It is a House of group events such as dinners, christenings, parties, reunions, on which there is a purpose of celebration, trust and strengthening of bonds. It is a House of Friendships.

It is also an area associated to the public and social side of our loving and personal relationships. In that sense, it is the house of Marriage and Children, in the most traditional sense of the term, when based on a great friendship and understanding.

Contrary to House 5 – of more passionate, short, young and irresponsible relationships – House 11 refers to lasting, friendship and responsible relationships, for the creation of projects with common ideals.

With the Moon in this area of life, the individual will seek with some anxiety to fulfil the ideal of “marriage and children”, living with some fluctuations in his social integrity, but being able to be a “mother” to his friends.

With Mercury, there will naturally be a capability of joining people of different means and functioning as a social link between parties, through conviviality, reunions, congresses, etc.

With Venus in House 11, the individual may really like the ludic and luscious side of meetings – with a taste for concerts, dances, marriages, bars and restaurants – cultivating with pleasure one’s friendship relationships and own marriage.

With the Sun in this House, for the individual, the “marriage and children” may be the great joy and pride of one’s life, being easy for one to build solid relationships, and be recognized by one’s friends in social events.

Planet Mars in this area of life will be associated to a certain difficulty in maintaining love relationships – when comes the time for a more serious and social commitment. This may also be expressed as a clash between friendships, but is also frequent in people who struggle much in defence of their group.

With Jupiter, the individual will have an abundance of birthday or religious parties in one’s social or familiar life, with many “presents”. It also favours counselling to friends.

Saturn in House 11 makes it difficult for the loving commitment and social acceptance, in a first stage of life. However, it represents the promise that the safety of a rock is possible, in that area, through confidence and respect.

If you were born midmorning, approximately between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m., depending on the time of year and country, you will have the Sun in House 11.

In that sense, it will be good that you nurture group events such as dinners, lunches, parties, reunions, presentations, where there is the promotion of a tolerant and friendly spirit.

Teamwork is an advantage, as well as the constitution of marriage and children based on an affinity of mentalities and a great deal of maturity. Having social activity is crucial for personal fulfilment.

Some famous personalities with the Sun in House 11 are:  Cristiano Ronaldo; Bill Clinton; Donald Trump; among others.

This House is equally important if there is more than one planet positioned in it. To verify this, and in case you do not have your map yet, please refer to the annex at the end of the Ebook Houses of Happiness(Free download Here).

House 11 has a natural affinity with Aquarius, the eleventh sign of the Zodiac.

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