Astrology Centre

The CEIA - Centre for Education and Innovation in Astrology  was created by  the professional astrologer João Medeiros on 21st of  March 2007 and is located in Lisbon, Portugal.

CEIA aims for a high stantard of national and international quality in their activities and services that range from advanced research to training in Astrology, integrated within other areas of human development.

The main actions of the CEIA are:

spreading the knowledge and practice of Astrology with articles, seminars, talks and books with practical, holistic and innovative approaches;

researching with an integrated, objective and multi-disciplinary orientation;

training, through independent workshops and with the Astrology Dynamic Training programme, designed for all types of public both career or self-development oriented.

Student’s research is encouraged as well as projects that may contribute with original pedagogical content.

CEIA’s trainings are a modern approach to the ancient traditional techniques and  follow the holistic perspective of Dane Rudhyar (1895-1985), mentor of the Humanistic and Psychological Astrology.

CEIA’s ultimate goal is to contribute to an evolved, healthy and compassionate society, based in a knowledge framework able to foster the full creativity of all its agents, individuals and collectives.





Contacts: | + 351 93 4519934

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