Consultation MOON – Follow UP

Coaching and mentoring sessions aiming to better integrate the self-awareness process after the first Astrology consultation


Besides the astro-coaching support, various tools and methodologies will be used when necessary and required. These include: systemic coaching; constellations; creative visualization; hypnosis; Reiki; multi-dimensional healing; synchronous images; Tarot; creative exploration exercises; frame-working and goals definition.

The interval in between sessions depends upon each particular case and personal motivation. Still, it is not recommended more than 6 annual sessions.

Lanaguages Available: English; French; Spanish; Portuguese.

Duration and Price (international sessions, only via phone or skype):

90 minutes – 70 € (EUR)  / £ 60 (GBP) / 95 $ (USD)

60 minutes – 50 € (EUR)  / £ 45 (GBP) / 65 $ (USD)

(prices in £ GBP and $ USD subject to exchange rate fluctuations)

The following issues will be analyzed in depth:

–          Goals, resources and life-long dreams;

–          Motivations and Self-potential;

–          Karmic and Dharmic path;

–          Family and Childhood lessons;

–          Intimate relationship patterns and fulfilment;

–         Career and Business management;

–          Recent  challenges to be integrated;

–          Short term alternative plan of action;

–          Long term strategic target plan.

(The session can be recorded if you wish to keep an audio copy for subsequent listening).

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