Consultation SUN – First Session

Recommended for first consultation/ appointment with João Medeiros. A full perspective of your life, past, present and future and targeted orientation for every day questions or more profound subjects.


In this session, the following issues will be discussed and given a frame of reference:

–          Life motivations and self potential;

–          Individuality’s essence and life purpose;

–          Psychological and behavioural biography;

–          Family and childhood influences;

–          Relationships and emotional patterns;

–          Vocational and career fulfilment;

–          Recent personal integration challenges;

–          Time span of 12 to 24 months ahead;

–          Plans of action in the short and long run.

(This session may be recorded if you wish to keep an audio file to listen at any time.)

Private individual counselling session based on the astrological birth chirt.  Main focuses: psychological integration; self-knowledge; autonomous decision-making.

Sessions includes: birth time rectification (if needed); astrological chart in colour;  session recording (when requested by client).

It is necessary that birth details (day – month – year – city – country) are provided as accurately as possible.

Languages available: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Duration and price (international consultations, only via skype or phone):

90 minutes – 90 € (EUR)  / £ 80 (GBP) / 120 $ (USD)

60 minutes – 60 € (EUR) / £ 55 (GBP) / 80 $ (USD)

(prices in £ GBP and $ USD subject to exchange rate fluctuations)


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