FA Cup Final 2013 – Man.City vs Wigan – Astro Preview

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FA Cup Final 2013 – Man.City vs Wigan – Astro Preview

Who will win the 2013 FA Cup Final? Manchester City or Wigan Athletic? What can horary astrology say about the odds for each team? Who will be the winner?

This analysis follows John Frawley’s method as explained in his book Sports Astrology. In my opinion, predicting sports events is not the best use for Astrology compared to its huge potential as a self-awareness tool. Nevertheless, it is very interesting to understand how it works in such cases.

If you like to bet and enjoy playing with probabilities maybe you will also find some interest in this approach. Please beware that Astrology seldom fails… though astrologers do.

The Match – 11th May 5:15 PM – Wembley Stadium – London – UK


The FA Cup is the world’s oldest football cup competition. This year, the traditional 3 PM kick-off time was changed to 5.15 PM.

Manchester City is clearly the favourite team according to the bookies (odds of 1.2 to 5). This means that if were to bet 100 £ / $ / € for  Manchester City to be the Cup Winner we would win 20 £ / $ / € in the end.  If we would bet Wigan to win and we are right we would get 400 £ / $ / € of profit for that same initial bet.

These odds are not a surprise: Manchester City reached the top places in the Premier League (almost Champions) while their opponents were facing relegation. So if everything runs normal the safe bet would be for Manchester City to be the winner this year. But will it be the case, according to Horary Astrology? What could be the result?

The favourite team is represented by the Ascendant and its ruler (according to John Frawley). In my practice, I realized that this it not the case in other charts for football matches, especially the two-legged matches or the championship regular matches. But I trust this technique for judging finals, as far as I have seen. Especially, if we double-check the chart with other consistent arguments.

In this particular case, I have no doubts that Manchester City is represented by Libra and its ruler, Venus in Gemini. Venus is higher than Mars both by zodiacal position and by Antiscion position (mirror position, represented over the Zodiac circle in the diagram). Higher in the chart means higher in expectations and status.

Besides, this team will wear light blue and white and will play as the home team. Blue and White are more associated to Venus and the Moon (ruler of the 10th house, the favourite’s victory) whilst Black is more related to Saturn (Wigan will wear black), the ruler of the 4th house (the underdog’s victory).

Other arguments that validate the reading of this chart: the Golden Eagle and the Ship – symbols of Manchester City – connect very well to Venus/Moon in Gemini (Air Sign), and Libra/Cancer (Air/Water) – the 1st House and the 10th House. For Wigan, the Tree and the Crown combine well with the Earth signs – Mars in Taurus (Tree) and Capricorn (4th House).

So, the chart seems highly reliable for judging the event with some accuracy. What can we expect, then?

manchester city-team

Judging the Chart

Testimonies in favour of Manchester City:

– Mars, ruler of Wigan Athletic, is conjunct to the South Node (a great indicator of defeat for this team);

– The Moon (ruling the flow of events and also co-ruler of the favourites – it rules the 10th House) conjuncts the Mid-Heaven by Antiscion position (a strong testimony of victory for Man. City)

– The Moon conjuncts Aldebaran (at 9º Gemini), one of the Royal Stars of Persia; this is a fortunate star – The Eye of the Bull – suggesting honours and also cleverness – in this case, favouring Manchester City

– The Moon is placed between two benefic planets – Venus and Jupiter – also representing the most popular team.

Testimonies in favour of Wigan Athletic:

– The Moon makes a final aspect of sextile (5º degrees orb) with Mars’ antiscion position (no other argument against, this would mean Wigan’s victory).

– The Moon is leaving Venus behind and separating from it – this would be also an argument (small but important if there was nothing else) for the underdogs.

– Fortuna is conjunct Saturn, co-ruler of Wigan (but three degrees away and so it doesn’t count much)

Roughly, we have3.5 arguments for Manchester City and 2.5 arguments for Wigan Athletic.

Final astro- verdict: as expected, Manchester City will win the 2013 FA Cup.

The astro-result could be 3-1; 2-0; 1-0;3-2; 2-1. But because the absolute value between the two teams is big, the small astrological advantage of Manchester City (a maximum difference of two goals in the final score, an expected difference of only one goal)  could be reflected in a more expanded result in the real context.

I am also inclined to say that Wigan might perform best at second half (due to the bad condition of Mars conjunct the south node – a bad start – and the final aspect of the Moon – a good end). So if they score, the second half would be the most likely.

Finally, I must once more remind you that Astrology is a very noble art … but that the artist may fail in the correct interpretation of some specific techniques. I hope you feel more interest in reading about other approaches of Astrology beyond this simple example.

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Regards,João Medeiros, 1st May 2013


Wigan’s stoppage-time headed goal produced the “greatest FA Cup Final upset for a quarter of a century” – Final result Manchester City 0  – Wigan 1 – the only goal of the match was scored in the 92nd minute (injury time).

What went right with the analysis:

– Man City was the Libra team; Wigan was the Aries team.

– A one goal difference final score to be expected

– Wigan to score in the second half – having a good end

What went wrong with the analysis:

– Not taking into account the huge importance of the Moon’s final aspect: according to John Frawley “MOON’S FINAL ASPECT WINS” – over a range of 5º maximum orb 

The last aspect of the Moon (9º24′ Gemini) was a sextile to the antiscion of Mars, ruler of Wigan Athletic, at 14º18′ Leo.

The conjunction of Mars to the South Node could represent: Wigan’s extremely bad condition in the Premier League facing relegation ; their condition as massive underdogs – and not necessarily their defeat in the FA Cup Final.

The conjunction of the Moon with Aldebaran did not mean an advantage for the favourite team  – probably the opposite. Why this is so I don’t know, even though Frawley suggests that fixed stars don’t seem to play a relevant role in these charts.

But we might say that an important fixed star conjunct to the Moon represents an extraordinary achievement: as a very modest team like Wigan winning the Cup against a millionaire team. I have seen this happening at least once before in other Cup Final charts.

More practice is needed. 😉


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