Gemini and The Bee Gees

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Gemini and The Bee Gees

If twins have the same astrological chart yet lead different lives, how can astrology be valid? Did you know that two of the singers from the famous band The Bee Gees were twin brothers? According to the stars how can these twins temperament and destiny differ?

Last week, specifically on May 20th, in which there was a Sun eclipse in Gemini (zero degrees) Robin Gibb, one of the twins, passed away.

Instantly, the news spread across the world, fuelled by the group’s notoriety, particularly in the ’70s and ’80s pop music scene, unmistakable and unique with their triple singing falsetto.


Maurice and Robin Gibb’s case is paradigmatic in how the lives of two twins can be so different and yet so similar. They were born 35 minutes apart, enough in astrological terms to have charts closely related but yet quite distinct.

In both charts the importance of the 3rd house, traditionally associated with siblings and communication, is evident. The presence of the Moon, Mercury, Jupiter (and Venus) in this area of ​​life reveals the potential that their music had to create a great impact upon whichever media they chose to engage with.

When comparing very similar natal charts, like those of twins, details like the Ascendant angles become quite crucial. In this sense, Maurice, the younger brother, would have Jupiter squared to the Ascendant, thus giving him a more naive, fun, and forgiving attitude.

In fact, Maurice had some alcohol problems, of the two brothers he was the one that showed more sense of humour onstage and the one who liked to talk with the public not just during concerts (Venus in the 3rd House, unlike Robin with Venus in 4).

Robin on the other hand would be shyer, preoccupied about health and appearance (Moon squared to the Ascendant), but also more confident of his own abilities (Sun in sextile).

In fact, Robin tried a solo career before and after the Bee Gees’ successes. He became a vegetarian, did not drink alcohol, and was a personal friend of influential politicians like Tony Blair (Saturn in the House of friendship, whilst his brother had Saturn in the 10th house).

With twin brothers – even if they were born on the same minute, and thus with an identical astrological chart – the main difference lies in the Sun and Moon’s interpretation.

Usually, the brother who is born first (in this case, Robin, born at 3:15 am) is more adequately represented by the solar principle whilst the youngest (in this case Maurice, born at 3:50 a.m.) is more accurately represented by the lunar principle.

According to this astrological principle the twin brother who was born first tends to be more autonomous, independent, proud and self-confident (solar) whilst the second one tends to be more emotional, dependent, sensitive and adaptable (lunar).

That’s in part what happens in regards to the Bee Gees twins. Robin would enjoy more the principle of the Sun in the 2nd house of Sagittarius, thus trying to prove his own worth and talent whilst Maurice would live the Moon in Aquarius’ 3rd House – being more communicative, curious and versatile (and also balder, because this sign is more associated with baldness than Sagittarius).

Robin – the solar one – appeared and sang at many public events and solidarity causes, persevering in his moderately successful solo career. Maurice – typically lunar – dedicated himself to the more technical side of things, being an important collaborator and supporter for the individual work of his two brothers.



Both twins married twice, the first marriage lasting a few years and the second the remainder of their lives. Robin had 4 children (one illegitimate in his later years) and Maurice had 2 children. Right before they died both produced their final musical compositions in collaboration with one of their children.

Maurice died in 2003 and Robin in 2012 – both deaths resulting from intestinal complications (Mars in Virgo – intestines – regent of both the Ascendant and the 6th house, of health).

As a group, together with their brother and leader of the band – Barry – they remain in history for their original style and for songs that forever changed a generation.

In their memory, it is time to remember one of their hits: Stayin ‘Alive!

Thank you and be well!
João Medeiros

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