Horary Astrology: Will Greece Leave the Euro?

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Horary Astrology: Will Greece Leave the Euro?

 In this article, we explore to what extent Horary Astrology can help to illustrate the present situation in Greece regarding the Euro, after the recent elections from which an anti-austerity, radical left-wing movement has emerged victorious. Specifically, we will try to understand what are the odds of Greece exiting the Euro and the European monetary union and returning to its own currency.

(Note: This article was released for the first time in Portuguese – on January, 25th 2015 )

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We remind you that, according to this branch of Astrology, as long as the astrologer is serious in his intention and the chart is radical (suitable to the context of the question), it is possible to obtain a very accurate answer to almost any question. This technique was mastered by ancient renowned astrologers, like Guido Bonatti and William Lilly. However, it has fallen into disuse in the modern ages.

For this reason, and since the author of the present article is no expert in this kind of astrologic approach, we ask the reader to consider the following interpretation as an educational and reflection exercise, not intended to offer any definitive certainties. Any “future” can be transformed by the parties involved, particularly if they have prior knowledge of it.

The astrologer asked the question on the same day and just a few hours after Syriza’s victory in Greece (more specifically on January 25th, 2015 at 8.35 pm, in Lisbon). The following question was asked: “Will Greece  leave the Euro?”.


I must confess this chart is one of great complexity for several reasons. It is a “mundane” horary chart, in other words, related to a global or international topic that can affect very indirectly the person asking the question. Thus, a reduced radicality (suitability to the context) and interpretability would be expected.

However, the chart reveals a wide range of information making it sufficiently adequate for the interpretation of the question, since it reflects like a mirror some crucial elements of the context. Let us then move ahead.

Theoretically, when we ask a question about a foreign country, we should represent it directly as the ruler planet of the 9th House (foreign countries and international setting). However, Greece belongs to the European Union and that is a relevant factor for the question’s context so, therefore, the EU itself can be represented by the ruler of the 9th House (international institution) and Greece as another celestial object associated to it in some way.

Had the question been “What will happen to my country, Portugal, and its government as the situation in Greece unfolds?”, the chart would have to be analysed from another perspective. However, the question is specifically focused on Greece’s exit (or not) from the Euro zone (rather than on the consequences for other countries).

After analysing the chart (albeit not extensively), the following conclusions seem obvious:

The European Union is represented by Venus, for several reasons: Venus is the ruler of the 9th House (foreign countries and institutions); it is positioned at 27º47 of Aquarius, i.e., at 28 degrees – which corresponds to the 28 countries (degrees) that integrated the EU at the moment the question was asked; it is positioned in Aquarius, the best symbol/sign for a democratic association of countries; the term “Union” is a concept of Venus; 22 degrees behind Venus (symbolic conjunction with the Sun) corresponds to the year of 1993, when the Treaty of Maastricht came into force; 58 degrees behind Venus, corresponds to 0 degrees in Capricorn which can be associated to year 58 before 2015, that is 1957 – year of the formal establishment (Capricorn) of the European Economic Community through the Treaty of Rome; Venus is positioned in the 10th House turned from the 9th House, associated with leading authorities/governments.

Euro – the single currency – is represented by Mercury, for several reasons: Mercury is the ruler of the natal 10th House, which is the 2nd House derived from the 9th (money/currency of the 9th House – European Union); it is retrograde and positioned at 15º24 of Aquarius, i.e., between 15 and 16 degrees – the Euro emerged on the financial markets in 1999 (16 years/degrees ago), replacing the ECU; it officially entered into circulation 13 years ago, in 2002, and the distance to Venus (ruler of the EU) is 12º30 (between 12 and 13 degrees); it is retrograde and slow, which indicates a feeling of “regret” and difficulties in subsisting; it is moving 3 degrees away from an opposition to Jupiter and sextile to the Moon, suggesting the 3-year explosion of the sovereign debts; heading towards combustion, indicating the Euro’s devaluation.

Greece is therefore represented by the Sun, for the following reasons: it is positioned at 5º32′ of Aquarius and is, therefore, in exile (in distress) and, approximately, 5 to 6 time units in the past (which corresponds to 2009-2010 – beginning of the Greek financial crisis and austerity, with the IMF’s intervention); it has held the Presidency of the EU Council 5 times; the position 35 to 36 degrees behind holds a symbolic correspondence to 0 degrees of Capricorn and to the year of 1979, when Greece officially signed its entry in the EU; the Sun in Aquarius, the only star in exile, corresponds to this country’s status as a “black sheep” within the EU context over the last few years, considering the frauds it was associated with; the Sun rules the radical 12th House (the “imprisoned” and “unemployed”) which is the 4th turned from the 9th House, representing “the people” from the 9th House (EU), that is, its democratic foundations.


Other interesting details: Saturn, positioned at 3 degrees of Sagittarius, probably corresponds to the Syriza party (formally created as an alliance in 2012, i.e. 3 years ago) which will now come to power (on the sign of Mercury’s exile, which represents the Euro); Jupiter or the Moon should correspond to the 19 countries of the EU members of the Euro zone, since they are both positioned on degree 19 (in different signs) – it seems natural that Jupiter corresponds to the Euro Zone as the territory, strength, leaders and cultures (and richer classes or countries) while the Moon corresponds to the population (and poorer classes or countries). Both are positioned in dignities of the Sun – this suggests a clear willingness from these countries to keep Greece in the Euro, making substantial efforts to achieve that goal.

What Mars represents remains to be seen – probably other candidate countries to the EU (since Mars is in the exaltation of Venus, which represents the EU).



What can we conclude, then? Will Greece quit the Euro?

Given that the next aspect of retrograde Mercury (the Euro, reversing its course) is the conjunction with the Sun (Greece) – the traditional combustion – in the Exile of the Sun (Aquarius) and 10 degrees away from it, we can deduce:

–          A devaluation/ depreciation of the Euro in the coming years (Euro under the rays starting combustion in 2/ 3 degrees or 2/3 years) with combustion fully complete during the following 3 to 8 years

–           That Greece will most probably drop out of the Euro, adopt its own currency or restructure completely its position in the Eurozone since the Sun (Greece) burns Mercury (Euro);

–          The process will take most probably 5 years, being complete in 2020 or end of 2019 (the number of the degrees for Mercury to reach the Sun in the ephemeris is 5 degrees and 4 minutes) even though a longer term is also possible (9/ 10 degrees or 2024/2025)

Despite this scenario, because Venus (EU) reaches its Exaltation – Piscis – in about 2/ 3 degrees (corresponding to 2017/2018 or the entering of 2 or 3 members)  there is a chance of significant improvement of the ideal of the European Union  and the principles of solidarity, in the short term.

The main significators in fixed signs point to slow resolutions.

Therefore, according to this analysis the position of the Euro with Greece (Monetary Union with Greece included) will be very much challenged with a tendency to get worse in the coming years, with the most critical moment 4 to 5 years from now, that is, the years 2019- 2020, this being the best suited time for the final process following the traditional rules (5 the number of degrees symbolically equivalent to the years that the lighter planet takes to reach the heavier planet).

But, curiously, there will be a lot of good will in the Eurozone to forgive Greece’s debt (Jupiter and Moon contribute to the Sun, even though afflicted and under tension- 12th and radical 8th houses) and it is also suggested that the political ideals and EU solidarity will tend to improve, before a more distressing situation and the Grexit – the really most likely scenario in the medium term.

We hope you enjoyed this exercise of Horary Astrology, which, as we said, should be seen openly and not definitive. We encourage you also to send us comments regarding this chart in order to complete the interpretation.

Thank you

João Medeiros

Lisbon, January 25th, 2015

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