Horary Astrology – Will Trump Win the US Presidential Election ?

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Horary Astrology – Will Trump Win the US Presidential Election ?

Will Donald Trump win the USA Presidential election? This is the question most american astrologers have been trying to answer in the last year. In this article, I use Horary Astrology to comment this subject, considering the disadvantages and advantages of using this tool to understand the possible outcomes / variables at stake.

When addressing collective questions like this one, an astrologer could use different approaches or analyse different types of charts:

Mundane Charts – such as eclipses, Great Conjunctions, ingresses, or even charts for the event (the election day chart);

Natal Charts – of the main candidates or charts of the main parties;

Horary Charts – such as when the first question is posed to the astrologer by someone interested in the outcome.

Each method has its own pros and cons. But even the best approach can not override the limits of free will and, as a consequence, a certain amount of unpredictability of the matter. In some cases, if the astrologer has a good reputation, his prediction can even change the course of events (to the direction he has pointed them or to the opposite one).

As a practising astrologer for more than 12 years I believe that the main purpose of the astrologer is  leading the clients / public to an understanding of the different choices they have rather than predicting an outcome that is independent of their actions.

Tomorrow, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will have their first television debate. So, probably, this is a good time to learn more about astrology and bring up the symbols to the debate.



I am portuguese with no particular concern for the US Presidential election, except for the fact that I worry about world politics. And I know that a bad President of the USA can easily make the world worse than it actually is.

A client of mine, portuguese but very passionate by the american culture and a big fan of Trump, asked me the question: “Will Donald Trump win the US Presidential Election?”. In his point of view, Trump symbolizes a complete shake of the political system – an earthquake for the “establishment” – that could be very inspiring for the world.

My personal view of Trump was precisely the opposite: I see him as a big danger to democracy and it would be a nightmare to see him reach the Presidency.

The question was asked more than one year ago (31 July 2015, 13h29, Cascais, Portugal) and my immediate answer for him was a “No! Of course not. Neither the Moon (public) nor the Sun (presidency) apply to his planet in this chart.”

Intimately, without astrology, I could not believe such a thing could happen. But I must say I was surprised that he reached so far. In this very moment (end -September 2016) the polls indicate a tie between him and Hillary. Despite many people saying that he really doesn’t want to be President (he is just making a point) the fact is he also has chances of winning (even if Hillary’s chances are higher).

Bearing this in mind, I decided to bring this first horary chart to the blog. It can illustrate what  happened after the question was posed (Jul. 2015) but also the scenarios for the final outcome of the question (Nov. 2016).


Considerations before Jugdement

If we apply stricly the rules of traditional astrology this horary chart is not suitable for analysis/ conclusions:

  • the Ascendant is about to change sign (could be appropriate if we were talking about something already decided or to late to be analysed; or if we were talking about a very old person);
  • the querent (which is the person who made the question) is not involved in the question but very remotely;
  • it is a question about a collective/ international matter and, specifically, about a third-party – so there are also ethical questions concerning this forecast.

Despite all this relevant considerations, Astrology is quite generous. So a radical chart is given to us, so that we can play with it and understand what is at stake in this presidential run, even if in the end we may not reach an absolute conclusion. For any lover of Astrology, the symbolism is just beautiful.

I do not use other charts concerning similar questions that were posed to me recently because this was the first one and, so, it has priority over the others, especially if we consider how appropriate are the symbols it contains.

A horary chart is like a picture of the Universe of a particular question.  So all the planets can represent different variables involved in the context.

The Significators of the Question

Donald Trump is represented by Venus and the first house because:

  • He is the favourite candidate of the querent – the querent wants him to win;
  • Venus rules the first house in the last degree of Libra;
  • Venus is exactly conjunct Regulus, the most important royal star, that represents Kings;
  • Venus is also conjunct Donald Trump’s Natal ascendant in the last degrees of Leo and also conjunct Regulus;
  • Trump has a strange way of moving his lips/ mouth when speaking and a funny hair that looks artificial (and combed from back to front) which is also appropriate for a Venus retrograde;
  • Venus is in her Fall (Virgo), very fit for a candidate seen as decadent and a “dark horse” in the beginning of the “competition”;
  • Venus is located in the natal 10th house of power (that Trump already had before running for President).

The Presidential Office could be represented by Mars, ruler of the 10th (presidency) from the 9th (foreign country). However, the symbolism of the Sun is stronger because:

  • The Sun is in the natal 10th house (power / status / presidency) in the stronger possible sign – Leo – very adequate for the most important political office on Earth (King of Kings);
  • It is also the natal Sun of the current President – Barack Obama;
  • It is located at 7º59′ degrees , resonating with his 7th year as president and completing 8 years in total.

The Sun also could represent, generally, the current political party in the White House: the Democrats, being the ruler of the 10th located in the 10th.

The Voters (Public) are represented by the Moon because:

  • the Moon represents traditionally the common people;
  • It is located in Aquarius, adequate to represent a democratic, innovative people with great strenghts in science, aviation, technology and racial diversity;
  • It is the same moon by sign as in the US Natal (sibly) chart;
  • It is located in the natal 4th House, associated with families and lower classes;
  • The Moon rules the 9th house (foreign country -USA);
  • The last aspect of the Moon was an opposition to the Sun, representing the last popular choice (Obama / Democrats).

Saturn represents the Republican Party because:

  • Saturn rules the 4th House (Aquarius) the opposition to the current kings (4th opposes 10th);
  • Saturn rules conservative / right-wing forces;
  • It also rules big companies, banks and industries (normally, more associated with this party), very appropriate for a Saturn in Scorpio in the natal 2nd house (of money and resources)

The other planets are very important for the final diagnosis, even though more difficult to assign.

I think Mars could represent generally Trump’s enemies (both republican candidates in the Primary elections, the candidates of the other parties, and the foreign countries) because it is the ruler of 7th house, in the 9th.

Jupiter could represent figures/ influential people not necessarily belonging to the Republican Party but both opposing and serving the current government (probably, the conservative Church and other institutions/ parties) because it rules the second sign from the 4th (Piscis) and is located in Leo.

Mercury in Leo could represent figures / influential people belonging and not belonging to the Democratic Party because it rules the second sign from the 10th and serves the Sun (Obama/ Democrats). Mercury could also represent institutions or people that have a strong influence in mass comunication (like television station owners or journalists).

The Transpersonal Planets are not angular and do not seem to have an important role in this chart.

There is no specific significator to Hillary because she was not the main adversary when the question was posed (before the primaries). She can be represented either by Mars or Mercury.

However, because Saturn (Republicans) is disposed by Mars, I would say that Mars in Cancer (its fall) could represent more specifically the other presidential candidates of the Republicans (like Ted Cruz or Mark Rubio) in the Primary elections. So Mercury could more appropriately represent other candidates (like Hillary or Bernie Sanders) of the Democratic Party.

The Final Winner

To have an idea of who the final winner will be we have to check the applying aspects of the main planets and their dispositors. The most important one, according to Frawley, is the first aspect of the Moon (the choice of the voters) regardless of what aspect it is.

The first major aspect of the Moon (american people) is an opposition to Mercury.

Venus (Trump) first reenters Leo (sign of the power), leaving Virgo behind (the Fall of this planet) then conjuncts Jupiter (2nd opponents to the government), squares Saturn, conjuncts Mercury and finally conjuncts the Sun.

Despite the first major aspect with the Sun (Presidency) is a conjunction to Venus, it is prohibited by the several aspects (conjunctions) it has to make before getting there.

My final conclusion is:

 -The Moon (voters) is in Aquarius so the general voters would like an opposing candidate to the current party in power (Democrats) to win: the americans would rather have a republican (the Moon is in the Domicile of Saturn and Exile of the Sun). They would also prefer a cold, strong minded candidate (Aquarius).

-However, because the Moon is in a fixed sign (no change) and first opposing Mercury (forces of the Democrats) the americans can actually choose a 2nd best to Obama (any democrat candidate such as Hillary) and keep the democrats in power;

-The choice will have associated, in any direction, a feeling of regret (typical of oppositions);

-Even if Hillary wins, in the end (of her term / mandate) or beginning of her presidency, there is a big chance that americans would rather have the republicans in the White House because the last aspect of the Moon is with Venus (Trump) and Saturn (Republicans);

-The television debates (Mercury) will be the real winners of the election and the places where the elections will be decided;

-In order for Hillary to win, she must have a strong, generous, confident (Leo) speech – and be very intelligent (Mercury) in her approaches;

-Hillary’s supporters (and especially the vice-president) will also have a very decisive role in the final campaign (Mercury rules the second sign from the 10th and disposes Trump-Venus);

-Donald Trump already won his “trophy”, by winning the primaries and being the Republican’s candidate, but should not be underestimated because he can easily take advantage of any of Hillary’s mistakes, profiting from the discontentment of the voters;

-In order for Trump to benefit more and improve his odds he should be nicer (Libra/ Venus) more polite, even though very critical (Virgo) and conservative (retrograde)- showing more his wife to the public (Venus in the tenth).

Because the aspect of the Moon is an opposition (according to my experience) there is room for free will, according to this chart, and so we should not go any further.

The strongest testimony for Hillary is the Moon located in the terms of Mercury (and triplicity) and making the first aspect with this planet. However, according to other (election) cases I have studied before, this is not enough to guarantee the final victory if the candidate does not put a huge effort in the campaign (because it is an opposition aspect), with all her heart and brain (Mercury in Leo).

I would strongly recommend the reading of astrologer Nina Gryphon’s articles about the US Elections.

Hope the best wins (but also hope that “hate” will not win).


João Medeiros

Lisbon, 25th September 2016

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