House 10 – Power and Profession

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House 10 – Power and Profession

Do you know what your vocational profile is?

If our life was a palace, as we have seen before: the gate would be House 1 (and Ascendant), the safe would be House 2; the car would be House 3; the land would be House 4; the playground garden would be House 5; the study would be House 6; the guestroom would be House 7; House 8 would be the couple’s bedroom; House 9 would be the library.

House 10 matches the highest and socially visible level of our Palace of Light: it is the Roof.

It represents our life’s Altar, i.e., attributes and behaviour models that we admire and wish to perform in our personal and professional path.

The highest point of the horoscope, the Zenith, is the angle that initiates House 10 and has the astrological designation of Mid-Sky.

In a first stage, House 10 represents the subjective relationship with the Mother, i.e., your receptivity to our coming into the world, desires and matching expectations – that will later echo in our desire for fulfilment.

People with a lot of energy in this House are challenged to develop a strong sense of career and respective associated social status.

Planets in House 10, or forming angle with Mid-Sky, represent clear vocational skills and the path of fulfilment, hence being fundamental in a professional analysis.

For instance, with Saturn associated to this House, the individual will tend to develop a slow but solid path, linked to the big management of a Bank, for example. Important Chiefs of State have Saturn in House 10.

With Jupiter, the tendency will be for more liberal professions, ranging from teaching to marketing, on which is fundamental to have a more motivational and cultural vision. It is also common in philosophical areas, being the professional planet of many Popes.

Planet Mars associated to House 10 is more common in “war” professions, such as business areas, finances, intervention medicine and sports. Mars’ careers have a lot of changes and dynamism.

With the Sun it will be natural that the individual desires to develop a certain physical joy and autonomy in his professional expression. It is frequent in entertainment professionals.

Venus in House 10 is associated to aesthetical and leisure areas, ranging from the fashion to the food sector. It also represents commercial skills and a professional path relatively stable or comfortable.

With Mercury in this area of life, the individual will tend to be versatile and to be able to conciliate two or more careers. It is common in technical, analytical, communication, transport and information professions.

With the Moon it will naturally be an unstable and unpredictable career path, namely, associated with creative areas. It is also frequent in psychologists and professionals that have contact with the public.

In case you were born late morning, about two hours before solar noon, approximately between 10:00 a.m. and midday, depending on the time of the year and country, you will have the Sun in House 10.

In this situation it is essential to be aware of what you can accomplish in life, particularly, in the professional area, not being afraid to be the protagonist or the big star on stage.

Learn that you do not have to be a general of troops, but you can perfectly be an entertainer and someone that inspires and is fulfilled through the joy and motivation that shows the world.

Some famous personalities with the Sun in House 10 are:  Albert Einstein; Jennifer Lopez; Jim Morrison; among others.

This House is equally important if there is more than one planet positioned in it. To verify this, and in case you do not have your map yet, please refer to the annex at the end of the Ebook Houses of Happiness( free download here).

House 10 has a natural affinity Capricorn, the tenth sign of the Zodiac.

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