House 2 – Treasure and Talent

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House 2 – Treasure and Talent

Have you ever wonder if you have the astrological profile of someone who can win the lottery?

We have already seen that besides the so called astrological “Sign” and Ascendant, there are many other important factors, such as: the Houses – they represent areas of life.

As we already know from the previous chapter, House 1 is the main gate of our being’s palace.

House 2 is the “Safe”, i.e., the place where we keep our securities and everything that gives us a sense of value and personal stability.

It is a very important House for the understanding of what our self-esteem, personal safety and even our material survival depend on.

It also means our concept of wealth and personal fortune. For instance, those who have a sign of the Air element in this House will see friendship as the true asset that is important in accumulating in life.

In fact, House 2 also indicates the talents, skills and capabilities that we should invest in professionally. Therefore, it is a great indicator of vocational orientation, particularly, when there are planets positioned in it.

The Moon in House 2 could indicate creative talents, for instance, and a significant fluctuation of income throughout life, with the alternation of very low and very high tides. Self-esteem will probably be a sensitive and delicate area.

Mercury in House 2 suggests capabilities of management, versatility and communication as sources of income. It can also mean that the individual is constantly thinking about money.

Venus in House 2 indicates a tendency to face human and loving relationships as the main source of personal wealth. It is a common position in people that have a material life with a certain comfort and stability.

The Sun in House 2 indicates capabilities of protagonism and leadership as resources to invest in. Stage professions or self-employment are frequent in this structure. There may also be a lot of pride for the acquired material assets.

As for Mars in House 2, it suggests professional cuts and a bumpy material life. It becomes important that the individual assumes himself as the “boss” and develops a strong negotiating capability, in order to feel safe and rich.

Jupiter in House 2 is common in people that are “big spenders”. There may be a clear sense of inner abundance, usually from the following areas: studies or travelling.

Saturn in House 2 indicates some initial difficulties of self-esteem and management of the material life. However, it is the position that grants more stability and consistency with age, through company and administrative works, for instance.

People who win Euromillions or sudden fortunes can have Uranus in House 2, since this planet’s function is to make drastic cuts with the past in a truly unexpecting and liberating way.

If by chance you were born in the middle of the night, i.e., approximately between 3:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m., depending on the country and time of year, you will have the Sun positioned in House 2.

Regarding this aspect, it becomes essential that you are aware of the abundance of talents and capabilities you have and that, in some way, materialize that potential into concrete incomes.

As we mentioned before, it is an advantage to have an autonomous career and not be afraid of spending money to invest on your growth.

A few personalities with the Sun in House 2 are: Elvis Presley; Alfred Hitchcock; Lionel Messi; among others.

This House is equally important if there is more than one planet positioned in it. To verify this, and in case you do not have your map yet, please refer to the annex at the end of the ebook Houses of Happiness (download here).

House 2 has a natural affinity with Taurus, the second sign of the Zodiac.

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