House 6 – Service and Schedule

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House 6 – Service and Schedule

Do you know what competences should you systematize?

If our life was a palace, recapitulating: the gate would be House 1 (and Ascendant), the safe would be House 2; the car would be House 3; the land would be House 4 and the playground garden would be House 5.

Thus, House 6 comes after the fun of House 5 and it would be our Study.

It represents our discipline and strictness habits that lead us to an internal purification and to a sense of sacrifice, i.e., of sacro-fice. It is the sense of service, humility and work.

House 6 is like a test field for our capabilities, an exercise of competence and true usefulness before others. It is associated to the kind of technical skills that we should develop professionally.

The most favourable work environment, the relationship with colleagues and our position regarding rules are represented in the dynamic of this House. For instance, if the Air Element is present, a communication work will be more appropriate.

However, House 6 also carries another important meaning: health alerts, when something is not right in our life. It is the annoyance that hurts, but does not kill, as some chronic diseases do.

This same House indicates the path to “cure” such ailments and, because of that, it is a great orientation to achieve a healthy life.

If the Sun is in House 6, for instance, health will tend to be good, although it may be necessary to sunbathe and stimulate the heart with physical exercise. At work, it is recommended to be as autonomous as possible.

With the Moon in this House, there is a natural aptitude for creative areas like design and advertising, for instance. However, there may be great schedule irregularities and a certain emotional instability. It is important to sleep well.

Mercury will indicate versatility and communication skills, as well as a certain technical and manual expertise.

Venus in House 6 is frequent in cases of people that “work where others have fun “, as in bars, discotheques, theatres, among others. It is very important to have real pleasure in working.

Mars will be common in people with much challenges in the work environment and, due to that, it will be convenient for them to assume leadership positions, facing the battle head on.

Jupiter is frequent in people with more liberal careers and schedules, as in the education field, for instance. It is also a sign of protection at a healthcare level.

Saturn will be more present in formal and very institutional careers, with a certain effort. This position suggests that the individual has a great daily discipline in his life, in terms of schedules and food.

If you were born early in the evening, about two hours after sunset, approximately between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., depending on the country and time of year, you will have the Sun positioned in House 6.

In that situation, it becomes fundamental to achieve a sense of true usefulness and service to others, through excellent technical competences.

You are supposed to become a prince or a princess in your workplace, being that the ideal stage for expressing your personality in its glory. Also learn how to be methodical, efficient and healthy.

Precisely, the healthcare field might reveal itself as important in your path, being this position of the Sun much advised for therapists.

Some famous personalities with the Sun in House 6: Barack Obama; Steve Jobs; Antonio Banderas; among many others.

This House is equally important if there is more than one planet positioned in it. To verify this, and in case you do not have your map yet, please refer to the annex at the end of the Ebook Houses of Happiness (free download here).

House 6 has a natural affinity with Virgo, the sixth sign of the Zodiac.

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