House 7 – Partners and Projections

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House 7 – Partners and Projections

Do you know what attracts you and how to relate with your partners?

Recapitulating, again, if our house was a palace, as we have seen before: the gate would be House 1 (and Ascendant), the safe would be House 2; the car would be House 3; the land would be House 4; the playground garden would be House 5; the study would be House 6.

Thus, House 7 follows the Ego discipline, represented by the service challenges of House 6, and leads us to meet others, in an eye-to-eye perspective, as equals. House 7 is the Palace’s Guestroom.

In this House, we welcome other people, we talk, interact and, generally, we develop our sense of relationship, whether it is in a social, loving or professional sense. Public contact professionals generally have a very full House 7.

In this area of life, we learn to respect others and to understand that they also have their world, different from ours. That is why it is the House of complementarity and partnership.

Generally, each planet and sign in House 7 provide very important indications about the type of relationships that we create with others, the type of people that we attract and make us feel more balanced.

For instance, a person with a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) in House 7 may attract more loving, dreamy and sensitive partners – and, in a certain way, that may be more enlightening for one’s growth.

But this House also works as a true mirror. It can reveal those attributes that we deny on ourselves and see in the face of others.

For instance, with the Moon in this House, a person may see one’s partner as very immature and dependent, not recognizing one’s own insecurity in the relationship.

With the Sun in House 7, personal relationships will be focused on the acknowledgement of Self. It is natural that the individual attracts people with charisma and social visibility. It is a very common position in people that marry “Princes” – like Diana of Wales and Letízia of Asturias.

With Mercury in this area of life, personal relationships will be based on friendship, complicity and intellectual exchanges. It is common for the individual to have a certain social versatility.

With Venus in House 7, there may be a natural perfume in interaction. The individual will attract more gentle and sexy people and will tend to see the partner’s good side.

With Mars, it will be somewhat the contrary. There may be some shock and tension when interacting with others, as well as an assertiveness challenge. The individual will have a tendency to attract more aggressive and combative people.

When Jupiter is present in this area of life, there will be a sense of tolerance and faith in the next one, which facilitates interaction and friendship, as well as the sense of humour.

Saturn in House 7 will indicate great trust challenges when interacting with others, what might result in long and lasting relationships, once the fears and the strictness are overcome.

With Uranus, it will be essential to have space in the relationship; with Neptune, profound dedication; with Pluto, confrontation and cure.

If you were born at late afternoon, about two hours before sunset, approximately between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., depending on the country and time of year, you will have the Sun positioned in House 7.

One of the great purposes in life will certainly be the appreciation of others and the conscience of luminous relationships that you can develop, so that you are an easily loved and acknowledged person.

In that sense, it is important to give joy to others, smile at the next one, accept and not be afraid of expressing your heart, in all its greatness. Do not be afraid of becoming something dependent on the person you love, since the partnership will be one of the purposes.

Beyond the “princesses” mentioned before, some famous personalities with the Sun in House 7 are: Jean-Paul Sartre; Warren Beatty, among others.

This House is equally important if there is more than one planet positioned in it. To verify this, and in case you do not have your map yet, please refer to the annex at the end of the Ebook Houses of Happiness (free download here).

House 7 has a natural affinity with Libra, the seventh sign of the Zodiac.

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