José Mourinho’s Power

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José Mourinho’s Power

According to Astrology’s language, what does José Mourinho have which is out of the ordinary?

To put it plainly, a Super-Saturn.

Let us see:

1. Ascendant: Capricorn. Which, plainly spoken means, an orientation (= Ascendant) for ambition and material realization (= Capricorn).

But about 8% of the population have Capricorn Ascendant, right? So there has to be something else.

2. Sun and Moon: in Aquarius. Which means that the fuels of life (Sun and Moon) work through mental skills and group power (Aquarius).

This is what’s rarer: being born with the New Moon in Aquarius. Aquarians have a reputation for coldness, steadfastness in concentration, as well as enjoying belonging to a group.

3. Saturn (ruler of all previous planets): in Aquarius. It is called the sign of the Traditional Domicile and Triplicity of Saturn– it could not be in be stronger within the Zodiac!

But is there something that further distinguishes Mourinho from people who were born on the same day?

The answer is yes.

4. Sun, Moon and Saturn: are all in the First House. The most expressive House of the Horoscope, home of the ‘Special One’, home of the “I”. In other words, a House of incredible self-sufficiency: I depend on me.

5. And, to top all that, also a very rare configuration of Jupiter, Venus and Mars, adding competition verve, personal magnetism and … the jackpot!  (lots of luck)

Saturn is the planet that represents matter, society, the limits that we have come to challenge and surpass in this life.

If each of us lives Saturn at its best, overcoming our fears and becoming knowledgeable of what is most important and difficult – we will reach our personal summit.

In this case Saturn will mean power, confidence, cohesion, discipline, constant results.

José Mourinho was able to structure the planets most directly linked to his Saturn (the Moon – emotions – and Mars – war), dominating both. They are the natural rulers of the 7th House (enemies / relationships) and the 10th House (career), at the mercy of the 1st House (the “I”).

And you: do you want to be as successful as José Mourinho? Do you know your Saturn?


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