Astrology, the Mayan and the World

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Astrology, the Mayan and the World

You have probably heard about Mayan Civilization predictions about the end of a great cycle of Humanity in late December 2012. But have you stopped to think that those predictions can be intimately connected to all the great social changes that are already touching Planet Earth, right in front of our eyes?

Maybe you know the expression “Age of Aquarius”, used by many spiritual currents to sum up several paradigm shifts in the modern world. But have you questioned yourself if these “theories” have any logical fundament when they come out and what do they mean?

 Let me clear some of these questions up so that we can celebrate with more joy and trust this great revolution we are living.

1         – According to Western Astrology, are you entering a New Age?

The answer is YES. We are witnessing the beginning of a New Age that will last for 2150 years because the greatest Royal Star of the Sidereal Zodiac – Regulus, the Lion’s Heart – ingresses on the sixth section of the Tropical Zodiac, related to Virgo. There is no scientific agreement about this New Age exact beginning day – but unanimously it is considered to be between 2011 and 2012.

2         – How important is this fact and what does it mean?

From the Western Astrology point of view, it is extremely important because Regulus Star is the most important of the 4 Royal Stars of Persia (related to the big civilizational changes); the brightest and more aligned with the Sun’s trajectory. This star regulates the royal sistems, power and the leadership.

By entering Virgo, symbolically, all the “Leo” power systems – omnipotent, autocratic and proud –  are defied to humbly serve the public  masses and be more organized and structured. The power must now be used for the community’s sake, in an efficient way, and not regarding personal interests.

3- What other shifting evidences do we have?

They are pretty obvious…internationally speaking, the fall of so many dictatorships (North Africa, Middle East – including Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, among other countries). We could also speak about the national debt crisis in European countries – such as Portugal and Greece – that are now obliged to held account and restructure its administration styles.

In general, everyone in any position and social layer are being challenged to be more ecological, hard-working and humble – instead of spending non-legitimate money.

From the head of the higher leader to the most humble worker – everyone will be  “dissuaded” to learn and work better. Everyone’s Ego will give place to the pursue of a great sense of utility and service to others. It will not be possible, or at least it will be extremely difficult, for totalitarian regimes to survive this new cycle.

4         – Has this something to do with the Age of Aquarius?

Everything! Regulus star can be considered as the main symbolical reference to divide the Sidereal Zodiac – the one with unequal Constellations and, at times, overlapped – in 12 equal segments. Which means that if Regulus (the beginning of Leo) changes sign, Aquarius starts touching the axis of the equinox, by symmetry.

In concrete terms, Aquarius rules democracy, freedom, telecommunications and science. It’s the sign of social revolutions and computers. If you notice, most recent Arabic revolutions  were boosted by this “aquarian” new social structure  that is changing the world: the internet and its social networks.

5-     What does the Mayan Calendar say about this New Age?

The Mayan Calendar hides a profound knowledge of the planetary cycles that build all civilizations such as the equinox precession movement (which origins the astrological eras) and the social cycles of Saturn and Jupiter.

Not only are we in transition from a huge Star (Big civilizational cycle) but also changing to a political cycle of 200 years from element Earth to Air, in which the economical, materialist and “safe-jobs” paradigms must be replaced by its social, cooperation aspects and worldwide exchange.

6      – Does this means that the world is going to end?

Evidently, the world as we knew it, is ending. And also a new world is rising, as we can see by the globalization effect of the Internet phenomenon, that almost any person can use – and allows communities all over the world to get in touch with each other in a blink of an eye, opening a new path to the disclosure of individuality transnationally.

The Mayan did not say that an “armaggedon” was coming – only that the 4th Mankind Age was ending – and this is not even a consensual view among scholars.

If we take ‘4’ as a matter, structure and slowness vibe, we can say that a 5125 year Mayan cycle is being concluded, and that this cycle is linked to form (house, money and safety). The new 5th cycle will be tuned in a new archetype of tolerance, freedom, learning and consciousness.

7-        How  are we supposed to live in these new times?

The more we are stuck in our comfort “square”, whether in our jobs, money, prejudice, routines or roots, and living an obsolete philosophy in our work or social and international isolation, the more difficult it will be.

On the other hand, the more we serve the community, in an intelligent, voluntary and mobile way, boosting our connections, learning and teaching new things – through books, new techonlogies, social meetings, training and culture – the more we’ll be involved in the spirit of change. In general, we are being asked to be more humble, qualified, respectful and opened to one another and to nature, environment and to the planet.

And you, are you ready to get out of your “square”?

Best Regards,

João Medeiros


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