The Millionaires Astrological Sign

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The Millionaires Astrological Sign

What particular characteristics will have people that from scratch amass fortunes and success? Is it simply “luck”, “fate” or something else? According to Astrology, will there be a signature or a sign for millionaires?

Obviously, it would be naive to think that success is achieved without effort or determination. In this sense, the Earth Element (Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn signs) and Saturn would represent money, achievement and success.

It would be reasonable to believe then that people with many planets in these signs or with Saturn dominating the chart would be those more focused on the conquest for material power and success, therefore being the typical millionaires.

As it turns out, however, these energies (Earth and Saturn) are also somewhat limited and slow, requiring that everything be done with effort and within certain rules. A millionaire, by definition, is someone who has gone beyond the boundaries of matter or material conditioning.

In other words, it also makes sense that people with a lot of creativity coupled with concentration will be able to overcome the limits of money. For such a case, it would also be important to have a fraction of all the other elements in their astrological chart: Faith (Fire), Passion (Water) and Sociability (Air).

In a brief analysis of some well-known personalities and multi-millionaires, having carved a path of incredible social ascension – Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, Cristiano Ronaldo, Jose Mourinho, Kelly Slater – there are noticeable common denominators/characteristics: astrological connections between Jupiter and Venus (planets of wealth) and the sun sign of AQUARIUS.

Not being an in depth statistical analysis, far from it, it is still curious to notice such a pattern. And why Aquarius?

Precisely because it is a sign for the peak of the social mountain (the full winter), or the sign of the Astronaut, having surpassed the boundaries of Earth’s atmosphere, and going beyond, becoming a free and unique individuality.

It is also a sign for mental strength and discipline of thought (hard-headedness) as well as a certain ability to control one’s emotions and remain serene. Even if this may be mistaken as coldness or arrogance.

Therefore, in astrological symbology, Aquarius carries a vase containing Water, theemotions that he himself controls. Above all else, it is an archetype of intellectual brilliance, trueindependence and of mental focus.

Are these the qualities most typical in millionaires? They are certainly not the only ones, nor is it mandatory to be an Aquarius in order to reach that summit. But they are probably qualities that help!

As Fernando Pessoa would say, Mens Agit Molem – The Mind Moves the World


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João Medeiros

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