Pope Francis I

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Pope Francis I

According to Astrology what is the meaning behind the choice for the new Pope? What can be expected from Pope Francis’ personality? What are the challenges facing his pontificate? What will be his contribution to the world?

In former articles we discussed the cycles of the Church, Benedict XVI’s resignation and the changing paradigms of rulerships in the world.

Briefly, we can say that the Catholic Church will be living its fourth great life cycle since it was recognized as a doctrine for the Roman Empire, and may well be living its last 70 years as an official institution with the moral positions we have become accustomed to.

This factor suggests that conservative forces still tend to dominate the Vatican and the Holy See over the coming decades, without breaking radical core principles, such as the question of celibacy, homosexuality, the ordination of women and abortion.


The advanced age of the new Pope, elected at age 76, as well as his theological orthodoxy against abortion, homosexual marriage and adoptions by gay couples, generally points towards maintaining this conservative principles. An average duration (10 years ) – or even shorter –  for his papacy is to be expected.

Still, it turns out to be a very good choice from the point of view of the possible renewal of the Church – within the limits set – given the symbolism of the name Francis and the humble conduct that Cardinal Bergoglio carried out in his life.

The Franciscan Triumph

The former Buenos Aires’ archbishop  rode public transportation, cycled, lived in simple accommodation and cooked his own meals, as a modern age Franciscan.

I have mentioned several times before that we are living through a great world transition as the royal star Regulus enters the Virgo sector. This indicates the need of collectively working the ego, this in turn manifesting itself in styles of governance that are far simpler and less imperialistic.

Benedict XVI’s resignation comes aligned to this sense of intense service and hard work that everyone should set before certain responsabilities, realizing that no job is assured for life, that no throne is eternal. Be it the throne of a head of state, a successful businessman, a “well married” woman, a stable job, nothing is guaranteed without dedication.

In charge should be those who have the skill (Virgin) and not only the laurels of fame (Leo) that help promote external idolatry rather than self-accountability.

In this perspective, no doubt that the election of a papal name in honor of the saint of humility, selflessness and poverty – Virginian attributes- is very appropriate to the new paradigm of Regulus in Virgo, the Humble King or rather the Franciscan Pope.

As Cardinal, the current Pope was also known for the importance he gave to the struggle against poverty, a phenomenon increasingly evident with the ongoing global crisis. This struggle promises to continue to be one of his mottos.

Jorge Bergoglio’s Natal Chart

Not having yet the exact time for the Pope’s birth, we can nonetheless analyse the planetary positions of his birth date. We can associate the concern with poverty with the presence of Saturn in Pisces, which will certainly have a domineering influence over his natal chart.


Planetary Positions for Pope Francis’s birth dat,

calculated for noon, Buenos Aires 

This planet represents, among other manifestations, the pain of compassion, the religious quest and great sensitivity towards social issues. At 76, his Saturn symbolically changes  zodiacal territory, entering Sagittarius. That indicates that Francis I will feel a challenge for more extraversion and humou, particularly this year.

It is also natural that within 4 years time (ie, at 80 years old) he will feel more responsible and quite tired, due to several of Saturn’s movements towars the Sun (in both Transit and Direction).

Other curious features of his planetary positions are: the presence of the Moon and Venus in Aquarius, which give him a certain warmth and irreverence; the position of Mars in Libra / Libra which is very common in the “peaceful warrior” and that was also present in John Paul II’s natal chart.

His Sun in Sagittarius conjunct to Jupiter in Capricorn suggests a confident spirit, sense of humor and being generally in good spirits, in addition to a travelling style of leadership. The conjunction of Jupiter to Mercury, which is an aspect common to Benedict XVI, points to the appetite for culture, command of languages and theology.

Moment “Habemus Papam”

Both at the time of the white smoke election announcement (19h06) and the official declaration “Habemus Papam”, indicating the chosen cardinal and his official name as Pope (20h13), there is a great predominance of te 6th House, associated to humility and service to others.


This factor suggests a laborious pontificate with some adversity as well as the dedication attitude needed to overcome it. The Ascendant Libra / Libra and the Sun-Venus conjunction in Pisces indicate that he may be loved by the faithful and capable of great empathy and unity, because of his practical devotion to the Christian ideal (Pisces in 6).

The moon phase (New) and great strength of planets in Aries point out that, to some extent, his pontificate represents a rupture with the past, innovative especially in the relatonships with other institutions and churches, even though a sense of rivalry might be present. This position seems also to favour a connection to sports, since it is known that Francis I is a big football fan.

An “inhabited” 6th House indicates also that speaches and concerns with focus on unemployment/ poverty and that the issues of greatest impact or controversy (Aries) will be linked to the themes of relationships and marriages (7th House).

Because it is a new name, a first number, and the first South American pope, much closer to the people and the terrain than to bureaucracy muddy waters, he will surely infuse the Catholic Church with renewed breath at the start of his pontificate.

The big unknown relates to the position of the Moon, ruler of the 10th house (authority) and almost without any aspects in Aries, which can both promote a unique, sensitive and courageous governance, as well as unexpected or extraordinary events that might constrain his pontificate.


In short, the balance is favourable in relation to a change of attitude, much needed as a leading example for the future.

And how about yourself? How far have you assumed a simpler, supportive and “Franciscan” style,  favouring greater happiness?

 Best Wishes

João Medeiros

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