Saturn in Scorpio – from 2012 to 2015

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Saturn in Scorpio – from 2012 to 2015

From October 2012 to September 2015, the planet Saturn traverses Scorpio. What is this transit’s proposal both at the collective and personal level? What happened during previous transits in the 20th century? Bearing in mind the critical context of modern civilization, what are the challenges to be faced?

To interpret in detail the Saturn in Scorpio cycle, lasting circa three years, we would have to take into account other sidereal and planetary movements that are intertwined.

Among these motions, the Jupiter-Saturn cycle and Regulus in Virgo ingress stand out, something previously discussed in various other articles¹.

But  what then to specifically expect for this transit of Saturn in Scorpio?

Overall, this transit will challenge us to live the responsibility (Saturn) with more intensity, passion and truth (Scorpio). That is, to be more defiant, passionate and honest, both in personal relationships as in relation with institutions such as employers or the State.

This will be a proposal to live our personal power with more confidence and maturity, encouraging us to develop very strong relationships, highly committed, in which the conflict may be required so that real trust can be achieved.

It is an appropriate time for the breaking of sexual taboos down, for the awakening of interest in the great mysteries of the universe, for women to reach a greater power in society (Scorpio is a feminine and seductive sign) and probably also for the expansion of the so called “hidden” sciences.

But let us look at what happened collectively in the last Saturn in Scorpio’s transit, which occurs every 30 years, the time it takes to move around the Zodiac:

December 1926 to December 1923:  The “PROHIBITION” Transit

These year corresponded to an accelerated expansion of corruption, prostitution and the smuggling of alcohol and drugs. Gangsters such as Al Capone ruled the black economy and due to the influence of the Mafia, the FBI began to play an increasingly structured and active role in tackling organized crime.

Secret organizations with racist and fanatic principles such as the Klu Klux Klan experienced a growth in their activities.  Mussolini seized dictatorial powers and Hitler published Mein Kampf. Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus was discovered and Hublle announced the existence of other galaxies. The first women district governors were elected in the US.

In many european countries there was a deep economic crisis and a tendency for dictatorship regimes to get to power.

October 1953 to October 1956: The “PLAYBOY” Transit

From the beginning, this period was marked by Playboy’s release, the first erotic magazine of worldwide distribution, with sex-symbol Marilyn Monroe highlighted in the debut Edition. After the war, interest in pornography has skyrocketed as media also developed.

Rock and Roll spread over society and the link between smoking and cancer was acknowledged. Important discoveries were made in genetics, such as the formation of DNA double helix and the correct identification of chromosome structure.

In these years,  secret agent James Bond 007 “was born” by the hand of Ian Fleming and got popular in film, later on.

Other developments included: nuclear electricity; the concept of anti-matter; the transplant of the first human organ;  the Warsaw Pact Alliance between Communist countries military defense.

November 1982 to November 1985: The “THRILLER” Transit

This era was marked by debt crises in several countries.

The first American woman reached space and Indira Gandhi was assassinated. Margaret Thatcher had political hegemony in England, despite the neo-liberal policies.  Gorbachev conducted the Perestroika.

In popular culture, at the very entrance of Saturn in Scorpio, the album “Thriller” by Michael Jackson was released becoming the best-selling album of all time, famous for his amazing music video with the undead dancing.

These years also saw the release of debut albums by many Trash Metal bands, such as the famous Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Sepultura, all of them evoking death (Scorpio) in art form.

Hunger intensified in underdeveloped countries, particularly Ethiopia, which generated a worldwide wave of solidarity such as the Live Aid concert.

AIDS became known globally as a deadly, sexually transmitted illness, after claiming the life international star Rock Hudson.This fact brought to the collective consciousness the need for sexual responsibility, particularly in the gay world, but across the whole society.

October 2012 to October 2015: What Now?

All the factors mentioned in the three former transits reveal patterns of Scorpio, in particular: financial crises, parallel economies, cosmological or genetic discoveries, feminine strength and new sexual behaviours.

Given society’s current state, it is very natural that during this transit we watch further strikes and popular uprisings, as well as a great transformation of both the financial and labour market.

However, since Scorpio is a fixed sign, this iron-grip process will tend to be slow and somewhat shady, bearing unclear information, sheming, corruption, crime-fighting and asymmetries of power.

During this transit, we are called to heal our behavioural pathologies, karmic cancers, old fears and barriers, that prevent us to feeling alive and empowered. It is an effective proposal for catharsis, being Scorpio an introverted energy.

Everything that brings discomfort will be more clear and if we do nothing to change the circumstances like bad relationships or hard labour, it is normal that we get to high states of hate and anger.

People may well become prone to depression, even if its purpose is to make us aware of what we love most – be it children, spouses, career projects, etc. It comes to teach us to fight for our power, both labour-wise as well as emotional and sexual, thus freeing ourselves of all superfluous values.

Clearly it will be a time for people to work through issues like their sexuality, financial management and psychological health, as all become subject to deeper stresses but also a greater willingness to push adrenaline boundaries, either willingly or due to the survival need.

Both sports and charity may become the most suitable activities during this transit.

People with a lot of energy (planets) in Taurus, Leo and Aquarius will be more challenged to transform deeply their behavioral structures, whilst individuals with a lot of energy in the signs of Pisces, Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn may feel this whole process as easy, given their innate deptn.

And yet, and in a good way, this can be a chilling time in which people may see what is “hidden” within themselves, as their actual historical and spiritual origins, as well as the immense inner power that self-awareness conveys.

In Sanskrit language, this power is called Kundalini, the awakening of the Serpent.


Tantra’s popularization and that of sacred sexuality is also a possibility for this cycle, from October 2012 to September 2015. A response to the need for the consecration and sublimation of collective sexual energy, transmuting the unconscious death anxiety into Love.

Here is a reminder of “Thriller” to celebrate Saturn in Scorpio, a collective period in which everything is possible and within which it is only natural that we are confronted with some frights, surprises and our very own shadow!

Between the Devil and the Cross, for some, but with Healing possible for everyone!

So, I wish you a good journey and that from the Dark may Light, Pleasure and Dance arise!

Best Wishes

João Medeiros

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