Slater – The Silver Surfer

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Slater – The Silver Surfer

At 39 Years old, the legendary American surfer Kelly Slater has won his eleventh World Surf  Championship title.

But what does Astrology have to say about the exceptional character of this planetary profile resembling the mythical hero of comic books, the Silver Surfer?

Although it is not known the hour of birth of this athlete, he was born in Florida on February 11, 1972, surfing since childhood. The most relevant astrological factors in the chart are: the presence of the Fortune signature; and a significant number of stars in their sign of Exile: the Sun, the Moon, Venus and Mars.

The  Fortune signature is composed of angles between Jupiter and Venus – square, in this case – which is an astral signature of people who are truly blessed in some aspect of life, in many cases becoming “millionaires”.

In other words, it is called the factor of luxury, luck, abundance which is also associated to good health and good physical appearance.

It is interesting to recall that the Silver Surfer was an alien with special powers who was traveling through matter, being confined to the Earth’s orbit by virtue of an exile. Above  all, he sought to attain freedom and the return to his home planet.

This is an archetype of Aquarius, the man that transcended the mundane boundaries, being in full contact with the Galactic space and still wanting to overcome new boundaries , thus returning to the primordial divine origin.

Aquarius people – like Kelly Slater –  have a great mental focus and they often differ from the common mortals by developing exceptional skills. Other examples of known Aquarius are: Mozart, Lincol, Oprah, Ellen Degeneres and Cristiano Ronaldo.

It is interesting to note that this surfer was known for his aerial moves, flying over the waves, a very suitable skill for those born under an air sign.

Apart from Sun, the Moon is also Exiled – in Capricorn.  This means the search for greater difficulties to be overcome, and the ability to climb big mountains (in this case, large waves) with great perseverance- even if he has to go alone –a typical trait of astrological Exiles.

Have you ever wondered what is to spend endless hours in tumultuous seas in the middle of giant waves totally dependent on yourself to survive? And can you imagine what is to turn the greatest adversity (the great wave) into the largest opportunity of release and pleasure of your life? Because this is what great surfers and “Saturn” people do.

Adding up to these factors he also has Venus exiled-in Aries -and-Mars in Taurus. This astrological signature is common in people who are passionate about challenges and quite stubborn in the conquest of what they want.

However, these are beings who do not cease to feel somewhat alienated in this world because they are absolutely different from conventional human beings of this planet, looking for adrenaline situations that release them from this earthly dimension.

Two other examples of eccentric personalities with important exiled stars (the ruler of the Ascendant) are Bob Marley and Kurt Cobain.

In the case of Kelly Slater, the strength of Saturn – ruler of Aquarius and Capricorn – reinforces a strong sense of determination, success and self-improvement in inhospitable conditions, the age being a great ally on the path to ever higher goals and never before transcended by other beings.

 It this case, we can say that only the sky is the limit.

Best Wishes

João Medeiros

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