Steve Jobs – The Genius of Mercury in Aquarius

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Steve Jobs – The Genius of Mercury in Aquarius

There are beings that shape society with their revolutionary ideas and minds. Steve Jobs, a human being as intuitive (Pisces) as practical (Virgo Ascendant) is most certainly a technological prodigy reference in the modern world.

From the point of view of astrology, which special characteristics could Steve Jobs have, that promised such an unusual and creative fate?

On the one hand, the Moon and the Sun are virtually without Aspects (ie, isolated and without angles with other stars), which is challenging from the familial and psychological perspective. Steve was orphaned from his biological parents. This reveals a unique course shaping his personality already since birth.

Stars without Aspects are common in people who feel somewhat isolated, alienated and different from the rest of the world, becoming “weird” or “eccentric”, living outside the system. The shadow side for this is the tendency to disconnect with one’s body, and being frail health-wise.

Steve had the sun in the house of labour and technical skills (House 6), which reveals the importance he gave to being helpful towards others, through his unique skills.

On the other hand, the Ascendant Virgo reveals also a strong connection to science, the pursuit of excellence, a sense of humility, and a certain child-like spirit, ever curious, always uncovering new games and intellectual challenges.

This because his ruler, Mercury, is  in Aquarius – the sign of Internet and telecommunications-  in the 5th House of creativity, invention and games.

With the planet Mercury, ruler of his life, in retrograde motion it was natural that he felt a very alternative route in relation to his contemporaries.

It was also astro-logical that he would in fact leave his mark in the world of communications because Saturn, ruler of life’s great challenges, is in the House Communication (House 3), which includes phones, computers, television, etc…

Mercury rules communication and the brain, particularly (or: and more specifically) computers and technological gadgets because it is positioned in the innovative sign of Aquarius.

There would not be any better  choice for his life’s ruler.

It could be said that he made a very valuable contribution to this new era in which information technology enables the human being to embrace individuality and creativity.

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