Card Deck – Delta Tarot



The Delta Tarot is a deck that synthesises tarot’s traditional symbology in its purest, linear, core form. This way it captures the essence of the Collective Unconscious Archetypes.

Such a chromatic and geometric representation is truly innovative amidst the diverse variety of works in this field, simultaneously being a more direct and powerful access vehicle to primordial ideas and imagery.

In its functionality this is a Tarot deck faithful to tradition and quite easy to grasp, recommended both for beginners and experienced professionals alike.

Delta Tarot is a universal code of the Arcana symbols. It was released in 2011, in a Portuguese version.


First Edition: 2011

22 Major Arcana + 56 Minor Arcana 

Instructions Book included; Portuguese Language

Price: 15 € (EUR)  / £ 13 (GBP) / 20 $ (USD) (+ transports)

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