João is my friend, coach and therapist. But most important, he is the consultant to whom I recommend my students. After their meeting with him, they always want to hug me and thank me. A Master before his time with an outstanding intuition.

–Daniel Sá Nogueira, International Trainer and Best-selling Author in Personal Development and Motivation

João Medeiros is a professional that reunites in a perfect way two fundamental qualities: sensitivity and pragmatism. My private consultations with him have been a powerful and essential tool in my personal and spiritual growth, helping me structure my career as well, finding the right way to fulfill my life's purpose.

–Cristina Gonçalves, Life-Coach and NLP Training

He is a fantastic person with a high standard competence, constantly seeking self-improvement and new tools for human development. As a trainer, it is very interesting to watch him integrate so many different matters such as Systemic Constellations, Astrology and Personal Development in such a harmonious and effective way. If I would recommend his work? Without a doubt.

–José de Almeida, Entrepreneur, Trainer and Author in Sales and Leadership

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