The Four Elements of Sex

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The Four Elements of Sex

Have you ever thought that astrology and the four elements can help you to better understand your sexuality and how to express it?

People with a lot of energy of Fire – corresponding to signs of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – tend to live a very physical sexuality, with a strong sense of freedom.

That is, sex can be seen simply as a challenge, as a sport or as a liberating physical activity, which helps to strengthen the Ego. In these cases, there may be a more individualistic and self-centered purpose.

Particularly, if anyone has a planet like Venus positioned in these signs, there will be a natural tendency to develop an adventurer and conqueror style.

On the other hand, the Air people -with many planets positioned in signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius-need a component of friendship and intellectual understanding in order to engage fully.

Sexuality can be lived with lightness, grace and innovation. The excitement will begin soon in flirts, in conversations and exchanges of words, which will be the emotional torches.

This style can oscillate between the pure Platonic to the more social of the swingers, since the air likes variety and social contact.

People with a lot of energy in the Earth element -planets positioned in Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn-will need a lot of confidence and stability to express themselves fully at the sexual level.

Of course, they will need a slower pace to appreciate their bodies to the fullest. Event though less creative or risky, they can be tireless lovers and very loyal.

The Earth can vary between the great drought, the routine sexual activity marked on calendar, to the  longer of tantric marathons.

The element Water – Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces – is the most associated to the sexual dimension of existence; it is the beating of the heart and the body’s fluids.

For this reason, people with many planets in water are naturally warmer, more affectionate and intense. They tend to live their feelings, passion and love to the maximum, even if they lose their identity completely.

The style of the water can be manipulative and dependent but also intensely passionate, absolute and Orgasmic.

Sexuality through the four Elements can be seen as follows: the fire is Physical; the Air is Friendship; the Earth is Tantra; Water is Love.

A complete human being will fully live these four dimensions on each sexual act.

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João Medeiros


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Professional consultant, trainer and speaker in the field of Astrology; researcher and author; economist (Nova University Lisbon); CEO of CEIA - Centre for Education and Innovation in Astrology

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